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One of the most effective ways for your child to prepare for the 11 Plus English exam is to focus on reading. It is crucial for students to be able to read quickly and accurately and the best way to achieve this is through continuous reading. It is essential to have your child become an avid reader in preparation for the 11 Plus Examinations. Reading daily will help to improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Reading can help your child identify and understand the various language devices that are tested in the 11 Plus English paper, such as parts of speech (e.g. nouns, pronouns, adjectives etc.) and figures of speech like similes, metaphors, hyperbole, onomatopoeia etc.

Wolfthorn Knight Ltd recommends getting into a routine with your child to ensure they read on a daily basis, and a variety of literature for example, books, newspapers etc. The duration of their reading is up to you and dependent on what the child is reading. The more widely read your child is, the better they’ll become at identifying different writing styles and recognising the different language devices at play.

We’ve put together a non-exhaustive reading list that can help your child prepare for the English and verbal reasoning exam. This list should be suitable reading for both boys and girls and includes a mix of classic and modern texts. Work together with your child to find what they enjoy, the more they find something interesting and enjoyable the more enthusiastic they will be about reading. Therefore, all the books listed below may not be for your child, but it is a good list of recommendations to start your reading journey!

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