Wolfthorn Knight Ltd.

Terms and Conditions for Services

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Conditions”, “Terms and Conditions”), carefully before enrolling onto any courses (“Courses”, “Services”, “Products”) offered by Wolfthorn Knight Ltd.

Your access to and use of the services provided by Wolfthorn Knight Ltd. is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance of these Terms. These Terms are applicable to all users (“Users”, “Clients”, “Customers”, “Parents”, “Students”, “Guardians”) of the services offered by Wolfthorn Knight Ltd.


If you wish to purchase any courses or products offered by Wolfthorn Knight, you may be asked to provide certain information relevant to your purchase including, without limitation, your address, phone/contact number and Email address.

A free trial lesson will be offered before you enrol and commit to any course offered by Wolfthorn Knight Ltd.

Full payment will be required via the Wolfthorn Knight Ltd. Website (https://www.wolfthornknight.com). Payment is taken on a Term-by-Term basis.

Please be informed that access to any classes will not be provided if payment has not been received.

If additional support, lessons or One-to-One sessions are required, a request should be routed through the office via email: info@wolfthornknight.com. Teachers (“Teachers”, “Tutors”) should not be directly approached by clients, nor should any personal contact information be shared.


All sales are final and subject to no refunds once enrolment and payment has been completed.


Should there be a need for a lesson to be cancelled (staffing; illness), Wolfthorn Knight Ltd. will ensure a replacement lesson is scheduled and written notice will be provided to all customers.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Attending all scheduled classes consistently and on time.
  • Cameras need to be switched on throughout the lesson and it is their responsibility to be in a quiet space so no background noise interferes with the lesson.
  • Students should be fully engaged in the classes and participating actively. This will include answering/asking relevant questions and being involved in any discussions.
  • Students should not be engaging in any distracting behaviour which includes eating, using other devices, etc.
  • Ensuring all homework that have been set by the teachers are completed and submitted on time.
  • Being prepared for the next lesson with any questions from the previous lesson or homework, to ensure they fully understand the subject.
  • Any communications made within lessons is limited to lesson materials and queries and/or discussion topics raised by the teacher. Students should not engage in any way that is not in accordance with the company’s policies.
  • Should not approach teachers directly for additional support and/or share personal contact information.

Company’s Responsibilities:

Wolfthorn Knight Ltd. shall ensure that all personnel involved in the provision of the services:

  • Have been interviewed by Wolfthorn Knight Ltd.
  • Have provided proof of identity and satisfactory references. Including a current, documented proof of an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).
  • Have been properly trained and are adequately experienced in the provision of the services.
  • Hold all necessary qualifications and certifications required for their work in relation to the services.
  • Will not hold any videos or photographs of students.


The copyright of all materials and resources produced and presented in classes or provided as part of homework, is retained by Wolfthorn Knight Ltd. It is a criminal offence to make copies of them by any means including video under the terms of the COPYRIGHT, DESIGNS and PATENTS ACTS 1988. All original files remain the property of Wolfthorn Knight Ltd.


Wolfthorn Knight Ltd. will store your details on a private internal database, in compliance with GDPR/DATA PROTECTION ACT 2018.

These details WILL NOT be made available to companies or individuals outside of Wolfthorn Knight Ltd.

Complaints Procedure:

Please address any complaints to Wolfthorn Knight Ltd, via Email to info@wolfthornknight.com. The company will endeavour to respond to all complaints in a timely manner.