The 3rd Annual Summer Mathematics Competition with Wolfthorn Knight Tuition

In Summer 2022, two-year groups competed in our 2nd Annual Mathematics Competition.

Over the holidays the challenge was to complete a series of mathematical challenges, tasks and activities. The students were scoring points each week and by the end of August a final leader board was shared with the parents.

This is the second year of the competition with the students vying it out for Wolfthorn Knight Maths Trophies. We were very pleased with all the competing student’s work and how they tackled some truly challenging material. We are certain the competition in Summer 2023 will be even more fierce. Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all who took part.

Summer 2022 Champions:

Year 6

1st Place

Zaynah Razzaque (Navy Class) (53.5 Points)

2nd Place

Manleen Bhui (Tawny Class) (51.5 Points)

3rd Place

Mace Osei-Kwabena (Tawny Class) (51.0 Points)

Year 7

1st Place

Ridha Manha (Coral Class) (54.3 Points)

2nd Place

Daksh Mahajan (Coral Class) (53.0 Points)

3rd Place

Kalvin Gill (Coral Class) (50.5 Points)

Ridha Manha
Manleen Bhui
Mace Osei-Kwabena